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KORG Taktile setting for Presonus StudioOne and any other DAW


KORG Taktile49 MIDI controller has 7 predefined DAW settings. You can change 'scene' to choose from different preconfigured settings. For example if you're using Cubase, choosing Cubase scene (Scene #2) simply makes it work perfectly in Cubase DAW.

However, if you don't use any of the 7 predefined DAW, you can only use it as standard MIDI controller, without the functionality to control the DAW software, according to KORG's manual.
In my case, I'm currently using Presonus Studio One 3, which is not in the supported DAW list. Thus, I have to figure out what settings should be done to make Taktile work with StudioOne 3.

This configuration is applicable not only for StudioOne 3, but also for any DAW not predefined in Taktile.

Three MIDI ports of Taktile

When Taktile is connected via USB cable, there are 3 ports shown up in MIDI list on your computer: taktile DAW (In/Out), taktile KEYBOARD/CTRL, taktile MIDI I/F (In/Out). It is important which port is working for which occasion.

1. DAW In/Out port

This port is used to exchange 'DAW' messages. These DAW messages are not MIDI standard CC messages. These are specifically designed to control DAW software, including mixing pan/gain/solo/mute/rec, play/stop/loop, and set markers.
In other words, this port is working as 'control surface', similar to Mackie Control Unit. The actual message is different depending on the selected DAW scene on Taktile.
DAW Out port is to send the current status of DAW software back to Taktile. For example, if DAW is in playing mode, the status message is sent to Taktile and make Play button light on. Also the status of Solo/Mute/Record for each track is sent to Taktile through this port.


This is actual MIDI port. All key notes and standard CC MIDI messages are sent through this port. For some DAW scene settings, such as Logic and Garageband, this is the only port that sends all data.
CTRL (out) port is used to send MIDI messages back to Taktile from DAW software. This is important if you need to sync MIDI clock from your DAW software. Configure to send MIDI Clock to CTRL port.

3. MIDI I/F port

This is to use the external MIDI device connected through Taktile's MIDI socket (next to USB socket). If you do not connect any device on the MIDI socket, there is nothing to do with this port.

Different messages on each scene

Depending on the selected scene, different messages are sent to different port.

  • No DAW messages: Logic, Garageband, Basic MIDI scenes

In these scenes, DAW port is not used at all. All messages are sent through KEYBOARD/CTRL port. As there are no DAW messages, 'Control Mode' toggle button is disabled. All knobs/faders/Fn buttons as well as Play/Stop/etc messages are sent as MIDI CC message.

  • Mackie Control type messages: Cubase, DP, Live, Sonar scenes

In these scenes, Mackie Control compatible messages are sent through DAW port to control DAW functionalities.
In detail, when 'Control Mode' is off, knobs/faders/Fn buttons are working for DAW mixing purpose through DAW port. If Control Mode is on, those buttons are working for setting parameters (e.g. change virtual instrument's parameters) with standard MIDI CC messages through KEYBOARD/CTRL port.
Play/Stop/Loop/etc messages are sent as DAW control message through DAW port, regardless of Control Mode selection.
The only difference of each scene is that there are different DAW messages for Loop and Marker buttons.

  • Mackie HUI type messages: Pro Tools scene

Same as the previous case, DAW control messages are sent to 'DAW In' port. However, in Pro Tools scene, DAW messages are Mackie HUI compatible, which are totally different from Mackie Control format. Therefore, if your DAW supports Mackie HUI controller, use Mackie HUI with 'Pro Tools' scene setting on Taktile.


Taktile49 setup guide for Presonus StudioOne 3

1) Add Mackie > HUI as an external device in preference. Set "Receive From" to "taktile DAW In" and "Send To" to "DAW Out".
2) Add New Keyboard device. Set "Receive From" to "taktile KEYBOARD/CTRL". "Send To" would be None.
3) Add New Instrument device. Set "Send To"  to "taktile CTRL". Check "Send MIDI Clock". This device configuration is to sync BPM between StudioOne and taktile. If you don't need to sync BPM, skip this.
4) On Taktile, select "Pro Tools" scene.
5) Done. DAW functions should work fine now. Play/Stop/Loop buttons will work well. Also when Control Mode is off, all knobs, faders, solo/rec/mute selections would be working with StudioOne. When Control Mode is on, CC MIDI messages are sent to the virtual instrument in which you have to configure the behaviour of the CC.

Taktile49 setup guide for any other non-listed DAW software

1) Add Mackie Control or Mackie HUI device in your DAW software. Select 'DAW In' port for input and 'DAW Out' port for output.
2) Configure MIDI keyboard device in your DAW software. Select 'KEYBOARD/CTRL' port for input. 
3) Configure MIDI clock device in your DAW software. Select 'CTRL' port for output.
4) Select appropriate scene on Taktile.  If you added Mackie HUI device, 'Pro Tools' scene should work fine. If you added Mackie Control device, check different scenes and find out which scene works perfect with your DAW. In order to check out, test Marker, and Loop buttons.
5) Assign CC messages (with Control Mode on) to each virtual instruments.


  1. Greeting from Hong Kong.
    I am so lucky to find your page as I spent almost 45mins still couldn't find the way to use my new T49 work with Studio one v3. Again, thanks alot!

    1. Hi there, I'm very glad to hear that my post is actually helpful for somebody. Thank you for your reply!

    2. Hi Guys I am lost here. I did the settings turned the T49 off and on and cannot get it to work anymore with Studio One 3

  2. Hi I followed this. It worked. Turned off and it was gone.

  3. Two things to add:
    - to see three midi ports on taktile you need to enable it first (I did it through KORG KONTROL EDITOR software)
    - there are two "ProTools" options - one is in settings - receiver DAW -> ProTools, and the second is SCENE -> ProTools
    (I've set the first one only and was wondering why it's not working? ;) )


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